Transformation Challenge
Transformation Challenge
Transformation Challenge

Contest Prep

Whether you’re a national level competitor chasing that pro card or a rookie looking to step on stage for the first time, click here to enter our Contest Prep coaching section of the site to learn more and sign up!


Not interested in competing, but want to get into your best ever shape? We’ve got the perfect program for you with coaches that will guide you through the process. Enter the Transformation section here.

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Team T-Rex Gear

Get recognized as a member or supporter of Team T-Rex by sporting some of our team clothing! High quality material with eye-catching, powerful designs, they’re great for training as well as casual wear.

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He-Rex “Shut up and Train” Racer Back Tank – Black

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He-Rex “Shut up and Train” Racer Back Tank – Red

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He-Rex “Shut up and Train” Racer Back Tank- Black

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Team T-Rex Tank Top – Grey


Inside the minds of our head coaches for tips, tricks, FAQ’s, research and the occasional rant.