10 Healthy Fast Food Choices

Top 10 Healthy Fast Food Choices


I encourage all clients to make some time in their schedule to do their own cooking and meal prep at home and have their meals ready to go for each day. This simplifies the entire process and prevents situations where you’re left making bad dieting decisions. If you don’t have time for this, then I’d have to question whether you truly make health, fitness and your body a priority in your life, or it was just an idea that seemed fun at the time. You can have the best coach in the world, but he can’t cook and make your meals for you. That’s your responsibility.


The other option is to team up with a good meal prep company that can cook and do all your meal prep for you. I’ve used Protein Chefs off an on now for a few years and been very happy with their services. There is also Prep Shop, Fuel Foods, Athletes Kitchen and Fit Organix that I’ve used and are also good.


Let’s assume you do your own cooking and pack up your meals each day in a cooler bag. There may come a day where you run out of meals or you get stuck somewhere and don’t have access to them. In those cases, consider this list as the “last resort” for when you’re on-the-go and need to find something relatively clean and healthy to eat that won’t completely ruin your diet and take away any chances of you earning that flex meal later in the week. These are just simply my personal picks from some popular chain restaurants in no particular order, and is not intended to be an all-encompassing list of every possible ‘healthy’ option out there.


  1. Wendy’s . Several great salads available w/ grilled chicken breast sliced up and added. Can also get a plain baked potato or chili if diet calls for carbs. (Have in a sandwich w/ no mayo if diet allows for it.)


  1. Chipotle. Chicken or steak w/ rice, bean and veggies in a bowl. Hold the extra creamy looking sauces. Hot sauce is fine.


  1. Starbucks. Egg white bites. Whole grain oats. Egg white breakfast wrap. Chicken & Hummus box. Salad bowl w/ chicken.


  1. McDonalds. Grilled chicken w/ salad (or in a sandwich if diet allows for it.). Snack wraps w/ grilled chicken.


  1. A & W. Grilled chicken on a salad. Breakfast wrap (w/ no cheese or bacon).


  1. Swiss Chalet. They have an entire healthier alternatives menu or even the chicken meals are fine but hold the sauce and skin if you’re being strict on diet. Ask for white meat as well to cut several grams of fats from the meal.


  1. Burger King. Tendergrill chicken on a salad w/ low fat dressing.


  1. Greek. Chicken souvlaki meal w/ grilled, marinated chunks of chicken breast and salad and potatoes. (Hold the potatoes if your carbs are controlled…they’re usually drenched in oil anyway)


  1. Whole Foods/Farm Boy/Fortinos/Longos. Many grocery stores have a cooked food section or even a hot food bar you can grab a meal on the go. Pick your protein from many lean (not breaded) meats or fish, carb (they usually have rice, quinoa salad or sweet potatoes) and veggie (salad bar or grilled veggies are common. These places will also heat up any food you need.


  1. Bento Sushi/Sushi 2 Go. Bento box with chicken or fish, salad, sushi. Chicken/Rice or Noodle bowl (hold the sauces)
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