What’s the difference between regular whey and New Zealand whey?

New Zealand Whey is considered by many to be the top of the line, best protein powder you can buy. The main reasons for this are in how it is processed, which ultimately affects the quality and bioavailability of the finished product. For those interested, here are the main differences that make it a superior quality protein compared to regular whey:

-New Zealand dairy farms are held to the strictest standards in the world and all dairy products produced must be completely free of antibiotics, chemical residues and hormones. Even the grazing practices, diet of the cattle and the collection and storage methods are all regulated. All of these factors affect the quality of the product.

-All milk from Nz comes from grass-fed cattle. These cows will consume vitamins, minerals and enzymes and will develop more antibodies. In other words, healthier cows produce healthier milk.

-The use of antibiotics and other chemicals in the production of dairy can destroy the naturally occurring healthy bacteria, which are important for our digestive health and its immune boosting properties. The whey loses some of it’s health benefits.

-Undenatured, micro-filtering process maintains the integrity of the protein and keeps the biologically active peptides intact. You get the full spectrum of the protein source, the way it was intended.

The reason most companies aren’t using New Zealand Whey is because it’s not the cheapest source out there. It is however the cleanest and highest quality, so you just have decide on what’s more important cost vs. quality of your whey. My choice for the best New Zealand Whey is ATP Lab .

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