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    Coach/Athlete Bio

    My name is Tamara Beckers but most people call me Tami or T and since 2004 I have been competing as a Figure Athlete. It’s been a passion of mine ever since I first stepped on stage to one day become an IFBB Pro and compete amongst the elite! I’ve been involved within the Bodybuilding / Fitness industry since that time as well in many different faucets. Since April of 2009 I have been judging at Regional level competitions for the Ontario Physique Association. I love doing this because it not only keeps me involved in the industry when I’m not competing, but it gives me the chance to assist other athletes as well to accomplish their own personal goals by providing them with critique, advice from my own experiences and posing instruction. I’ve met so many great people and developed many new, great friendships over the years with people that share the same passion as me! I love the sense of community and family that comes along with the Bodybuilding / Fitness Industry!

    I was featured as one of the 2011 Hot and Fit Models in Inside Fitness Magazine (Feb/March 2012 Volume 7-Issue 1). This was one of a few goals I had set for myself for 2012 and I was very honored to be selected for it! I have also had the pleasure of being a sponsored Athlete in the past with Allmax Nutrition and Precision Sports Supplements!

    My career as a Police Officer the last 11yrs has been very rewarding for me as well. I like being involved within my community and being a role model for fellow Officers. I have shown that it is possible to keep a healthy, fit lifestyle, while doing shift work along with a physically and mentally demanding career. My goals are continuing to work towards my IFBB Pro card through the guidance of my Coach, Adam Headland and continue to be involved with the Ontario Physique Association as a Provincial Judge and Assistant Head Judge!


    Stats Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 150pds (Off season) 130-135pds (competition)
    Hair color: Red
    Eye Color: Green
    Competition History: 2004 / 2005 WNSO FAME
    Top third placing – Fitness Model Category 2006 London championships (L1) September 23/2006
    1st place and Overall best figure – figure tall category
    2006 Western Ontario championships (L2) November 26/2006
    2nd place figure – medium tall category
    2007 Ontario provincial championships (L3) June 23/2007
    1st place figure – medium tall category
    2008 CBBF Canadian national championships August 9/2008 (New Westminster BC)
    2nd place figure – medium tall category
    2008 IFBB North Americans August 29/2008 (Cleveland Ohio)
    9th place figure – medium tall category
    2009 CBBF Canadian national championships August 15/2009 (New Westminster BC)
    8th place figure – medium tall category
    2010 Ontario natural championships September 11/2010
    8th place figure – medium tall category
    2011 Ontario championships June 18/2011
    1st place figure – figure class 4
    2011 CBBF Canadian national championships July 23/2011 (Saskatoon SK)
    2nd place figure – figure class 4
    2011 IFBB North Americans September 2, 3/2011 (Cleveland Ohio)
    11th place figure – figure class 4
    2012 CBBF Canadian national championships august 11/2012 (New Westminster BC)
    5th place figure – figure class 4
    2013 Arnold Classic Amateurs February 28 – March 3rd (Columbus Ohio)
    15th place figure- Class D
    2013 CBBF Canadian National Championships August 10/2013 (New Westminster BC)
    8th place figure – Class D

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