Mike RileyTeam T-Rex Athlete
    Location Burlington ON
    Age 24
    Fav food Burgers & Fries (Five Guys or Burgers Priest)
    Fav Supp Cygen Decimate (pre-workout), and Cygen natural BCAA’s.
    Recent Contest History Several men’s physique shows, winning a couple of OPA regionals over the past 2 years, and placing at Ontario’s. I also competed at the CBBF Nationals in 2014, and am now making the switch to middleweight bodybuilding (perhaps the classic physique division in 2016).

    Anything from Eric Thomas. I am an avid listener to his videos/mixtapes.

    Athlete Bio

    My background in sports comes from hockey. I played in the U.S. College hockey ranks, before a knee injury forced me into an early retirement. I needed a new competitive outlet, which led me to men’s physique. Eventually my knee healed enough to be able to train my legs at the level needed to compete in bodybuilding, which has now allowed me to make the switch to this division. I am proudly sponsored by Cygen Labs, a Canadian sports nutrition brand.



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