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    My name is Marta and I am fairly new to the competitive world and team trex. I am a trainer by day and competing was something that I had always wanted to experience. I am by nature extremely driven and eager to push my personal Limitations. Initially completing a prep was more for my own satisfaction. Did I possess the discipline and drive to see the process through? As it turned out I was bitten by the bug . The urge to see what I was truly capable of kept me hungry to stay the course . I am nationally qualified in my first year and I am working under coach Sean in hopes of one day getting a pro card . That is the destination. However what I have learned and still continue to tell myself that there is no time limit to my destination. There is no competition but against myself and growing as an athlete , trusting my coach and the process will be the key to success. Enjoy the ride because at the heart of it all i do it because i love to train. My reward is a gorgeous bikini and heels that gives me a break from my baseball hat and Hoodie.



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