Jessica ParkTeam T-Rex Athlete
    Location Toronto
    Age 28
    Fav food Gourmet Burgers
    Fav Supp Nano Stim (basically anything for a sick pump)
    Recent Contest History O’Brian Lushka open in 2014 OPA provincials 2014 OPA provincials 2015 Gala 2015

    Always be moving forward

    Athlete Bio

    Native Newfoundlander, raised on the picturesque west coast of the island. Growing up there wasn’t much else for Jess to do other than spend weekends on the ski hill and fill her time with outdoor activities. In 2010 she moved to Toronto to pursue post graduate studies, where she discovered there was a huge void in that department. With less time and no outlet for rowing, climbing, skiing and hiking, Jess got away from her athletic roots. After a few years in the city she came to realized she wasn’t doing much her health at all and joined a private gym near her house to avoid the school crowd. While she did dabbled in weight training during undergrad, this was her first introduction to the competition world. Training with her roommate at the time, a UFE athlete, she discovered a talent and passion that tapped into her desire for structure and personal goals. Competing provides her with a personally fulfilling and physically challenging outlet to structure her life, and beautifully complements her health science background. It’s an outlet for personal and professional growth, and has provided her with a close and supportive network of friends and a family here in Ontario.



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