Drew ScottTeam T-Rex Coach and Athlete
    Location Mississauga, ON
    Age 32
    Birthdate November 16, 1982
    Fav food Burgers!
    Fav Supp Natural Calm (Magnesium Citrate) – helps me sleep like a baby
    Recent Contest History November, 2014: 7th Place Men’s Physique – Inside Fitness Championships
    March, 2015: 10th Place Men’s Physique – Stephanie Worsfold Championships
    October, 2015: 2nd Place Men’s Physique – Absolute Touch Natural Halloween Masquerade
    • PTS Certification, Canfit Pro
    • Precision Nutrition, Nutrition Coach Certification
    • ACT (Assess, Correct, Train) Certification
    • Cross-Training Certification, Kickboxing Canada
    • Group Fitness Instruction Certification, Canfit Pro
    • TRX Suspension Training Certification, TRX
    • Social and Community Services, Police Studies Diploma, Humber College

    Don’t talk about it, be about it

    Coach/Athlete Bio

    Drew is a lifetime athlete; competing in baseball, hockey, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and natural bodybuilding in men’s physique. His athletic background, combined with an ever-growing fascination with the human body, has established a strong foundation for which Drew continues to build his health and fitness expertise on.

    Over his 10 years as a fitness coach, he has built a reputation for a dynamic style of training which favours functionality and full body conditioning. While Drew coaches everyone from pro athletes to retirees, he derives the greatest sense of accomplishment from his transformation clients. Drew’s transformation programs are built with purpose and a commitment to your individual needs while ensuring you look and feel the best you have in your life!



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