Attila GombosTeam T-Rex Athlete
    Location Great Toronto Area/Hamilton
    Age 30
    Birthdate Dec 27, 1984
    Fav food Badass Hamburgers
    Fav Supp Isolate Proteins
    Recent Contest History June 2015 – Opa Ontario Championship MW Dnp November 2014 – Inside Fitness Championship MW 2nd April 2013 – Stratford Championship MW 5th June 2012 – Opa Ontario Championship LMW Dnp November 2011 – London Championship LMW 3rd April 2011 – Stratford Championship LMW 3rd

    It Is Better To Burn Out Then To Fade Away

    Athlete Bio

    Attila although may be in shape on stage, he is a fat kid at heart. He loves his sweets, and doesn’t hide it. Being eastern European born and raised, having the hard task of reducing sugar intake during prep, is neither easy nor without its challenges. Growing up as a chubby kid, Attila always had dreams of becoming the guy with abs and big muscles. Started losing weight when he was 15 after being bullied in school, he decided to “show them”. He never really thought about competing until a few people had pointed out in his 20’s that he has some symmetry and should try stepping on stage. Going into his first show, like many, he had zero idea of what to do or what to eat or what to wear. Coming 3rd out of 3 was a bit of a hard bite to swallow, but was still happy because he was in the best shape of his life to date. From there he realized it was more of then just a hobby to lift weights, it became his passion and continued to compete, only doing better and better, competing mostly with himself to improve at each showing. His dreams do not necessarily include being an IFBB pro, but being recognized as a prominent bodybuilder in Ontario or even Canada. He likes to lift weights and to improve each year mentally and physically. Bodybuilding, health, fitness, etc. Are all part of his day to day routine, and nothing can change that whether it is offseason or prep season.



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