Allison LougheedTeam T-Rex Athlete
    Location Whitby, ON
    Age 24
    Birthdate April 3
    Fav food Ice cream.. (or any dessert!)
    Fav Supp Clear Muscle- Muscle Tech
    Recent Contest History FMF Finals October 2015- 3rd in Canada FMF Toronto April 2015- 1st Place Ontario’s 2015-Toronto Pro Super show- 6th place Toronto Championships 2014- 2nd place London Championships 20130 6th place

    A goal without a plan is just a wish

    Athlete Bio

    Allison has been a competitive athlete her entire life, starting out as a competitive figure skater at the young age of six years old. When she was fifteen she discovered her love for working out when she got her first gym membership. Her passion for the gym and fitness in general grew quickly from here. She made the decision to begin pursing fitness modeling and landing a role as a cast member for the filming of the Evolve Functional Fitness Application and various other shoots. Soon after she made the decision to compete in her first bikini competition with the OPA in 2013 at the London Championships and it’s safe to say she was hooked from that point on! After her first competition she received her first sponsorship with SLAP Nutrition and was contacted by Team T-Rex head coach Sean Tierney who brought her onto the team and is currently coaching her. She could not be more thankful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of such an incredibly unique team doing what she loves most. Allie cannot wait to see what the future holds for her and all of Team T-Rex!



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