Adam CarterTeam T-Rex Athlete
    Location Burlington Ontario
    Age 26
    Birthdate March 29, 1989
    Fav food Tacos, turkey dinner, donuts and cookies
    Fav Supp By far protein powder. Not enjoying eating meats as much as some bodybuilders do powders help me reach my daily protein requirements.
    Recent Contest History won heavyweight at the London championships in 2011 at the age of 22. Competed in Stratford in 2014 in men’s physique and didn’t place! ( was to big) . Was training for the Opa Gala 2015 but tore my pec 3 months out. Now training for the Fouad Abiad Championships in May which will be followed by Provincials. Dreams of making the IFBB but no rush, just a goal. Not trying to make $ from it.

    Hard work beats talent, but when talent works hard. Watch out

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