T-Rex Backstage Checklist Reminders

With everything going on during peak week, it’s easy to forget things. I’ve put together this list of things to remember to help make your competition day a successful one. Because when you fail to prepare, you better be prepared to fail.


  • OPA membership card
  • Competition number (given out at registration)
  • Suit (s)
  • Costume (if required)
  • Peak week overview chart and any key notes/instructions from coach (print out)
  • Shoes – heels, flip flops and gym type shoes
  • Music (relaxing and pump-up tunes plus your posing routine song)
  • Loose fitting, dark clothing (i.e. your T-Rex hoody or t-shirt. Loose fitting track pants. (Nothing that will make you sweat and nothing that will stick to the skin.)
  • Bikini Bite
  • Jewelry (if required)
  • Latex gloves
  • Towels – various sizes. Dark colors preferred.
  • Baby wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Body weight scale
  • (women) pee cup, your own hair and make-up supplies, curling iron

Backstage Stuff

  • Light dumbbells or resistance bands (don’t expect that they will provide this at the show)
  • Mirror (some backstage areas have a limited number of mirrors)
  • Pump up supplements: pre-workout/nitric oxide supp, carb drink (vitargo, powercarb or), bcaas, red wine.
  • Shaker cup
  • Cooler for food and cold water with ice packs
  • Food scale
  • Weight scale (optional)


  • “Clean” Carb load foods – common sources: quick oats, cream of rice, white jasmine rice, corn grits, mashed sweet potatoes or white potatoes (no skin), gluten free cereal, sprouted grains/ezekiel bread, rice cakes.
  • Protein sources – common sources: chicken, turkey, lean red meat, white fish – your regular seasoning is fine (restricting sodium on day of show is rarely ever suggested)
  • Fats – natural peanut, almond or cashew butter, Nutella, Nuts (salted is fine)
  • Small, “Dirty” Cheat Meals and snacks – In the event your carb load didn’t go as planned and you wake up the day of your show looking flat and need some size and hardness, it’s always a great plan to have some high glycemic, sugary, low fiber, high fat options on hand. To revive your physique, you will need to consume at least one or two calorically dense, small meals consisting of some protein, carb, fats, sugars and sodium. Keeping your waist tight and tiny is crucial so never eat to the point of being “stuffed” and focus on keeping your portion sizes strictly controlled.

Do not pack all your meals together – keep things separate so you can assemble meals based on how you look and your coach’s instructions.

Sources of sodium:  salt packets, sea salt grinder, packets of soy sauce, hot sauce, condiments etc. It’s key to have some sodium on hand the day of your show.

Ice cold Spring Water

Anti-Cramping Supplements

*confirm with your coach for which is appropriate for you.







*To have on hand if you get backed up

-Senna capsules (night before show)

-Stool softener (day of show)


-Suppositories (last resort)

Always watch your belongings closely backstage the best you can. Don’t assume that people are good and nobody will steal your stuff. It’s happened.

Coach Sean

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