Coach Sean’s 7 Rules for Mastering Self-Discipline

It’s been said that discipline can’t be taught and I would generally agree with that statement. There are however ways to improve your thought process and mind to set your self up for success. Here are a few things that have helped me as well as clients in taking control of their day to reach their goals.

▶️ 1. Get enough sleep – tired minds rarely make strong decisions.

Most clients will need at least 6 hours of straight, quality sleep. A nap during the day can also be beneficial to balance cortisol and reset the mind.

▶️ 2. Don’t allow negative thoughts to hang out in your mind..

As soon as you sense negative thoughts, you need to shift your thinking and focus more on uplifting, positive messages.
▶️ 3. Pair some of the things/activities you enjoy doing with the stuff you absolutely hate.

For example if you hate training legs, do them with your favorite training partner or your favorite gym or your favorite day to train. 

▶️ 4. Set short, long term and daily goals, then look at them all every day.

Short term goals are things to achieve in the next month.

Long term are in the next 3-6 months

▶️ 5. Never get into a debate with yourself – Be decisive.

You should never talk yourself out of anything. If it’s on your schedule to do, then you do it.

▶️ 6. Accept some failure along the way and don’t beat yourself up over every little slip up.

Everyone takes a hit occassionally, it’s how quickly you get back up that counts.

▶️ 7. Sometimes you just have to force it until it becomes a habit. Usually takes 21 days.

Be a robot for the first 7-14 days and then most activities will switch over to auto-pilot.

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