Team T-Rex Principles

Why T-Rex?

When you think of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, some of the things that come to mind are dominance, ferocity and a commanding presence regardless of the situation. A Team T-Rex athlete fears no one, accepts every challenge and carries themselves in a way that demands respect. We chase our goals like the most feared predator in the history of the planet. Nothing stands in our way and if it does, we eliminate it.

Consistent and Inspiring Results.

Our goal is not to simply collect money and pump out thousands of clients with mediocre results and sub-par placings at shows. We focus on quality over quantity and strive to produce high-level extraordinary results and top placings.

Dedication to the Sport

At its roots, Team T-Rex was formed from a tight-knit group of some of the hardest working, dedicated athletes that were ultra passionate about the sport of bodybuilding….and happened to do very well at competitions. This isn’t something we do for 12 weeks. It’s our lifestyle and we live it 365 days a year and we know this is part of what separates us from the rest. Nobody outworks a T-Rex.

Customized Programming

Since day one, we’ve avoided the cookie-cutter approach and made it our promise to ensure that each client is properly assessed by the coach prior to starting and provided with a customized program tailored for their specific needs – as it should be.

Long Term Health

Team T-Rex will always place a very high emphasis on success and results, but not if it means jeopardizing a client’s health. We will coach a client into a show or transformation using proven methods to deliver results while maintaining enough of an ethical standard as not to cause any health issues during or after the client’s prep with the team.

Avoiding Extremes

One of the common pitfalls of working with some coaches is their reliance on extreme diets and training protocols. While we consider our team to be one of the hardest working teams in the game, we will not push a client to such extremes that it will set them up for failure when the show or transformation is over. Instead, we believe in progressive, strategically planned out custom program modifications that get a client where they need to be, without setting them up for a post show rebound.

Team Support

Although many would consider it an individual sport, we look at competing and even transformations as a team effort. You may be the one doing the actual work, but it’s your team, your coach, your family and friends that help to maintain that driven, laser light focus it takes to attain the physique you may not have achieved completely on your own. We promote team cohesion and support at all times with team events, dinners, bootcamps and seminars. There’s no ‘I’ in team.


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