Nick TwumTeam T-Rex Athlete
    Location London, Ontario
    Age 26
    Birthdate Aug 5th 1989
    Fav food Sushi
    Fav Supp Isolate Proteins
    Recent Contest History June 2015 OPA Ontario Championships 3 place heavy weights
    2013 London regional 2nd place light heavy
    2011 1st place middleweight In UFE Halloween mayhem.

    Only the Strong Survive

    Athlete Bio

    As a kid I lived , ate and breathed basketball. I never touched a weight until age 18. I never thought of getting big or competing at first. I used weight training as outlet to get rid of any negative energy. 2 years later I started personal training at GoodLife and met Heather King, a well known national level female bodybuilder. She guided me and seen potential. Now the rest is history. 4 shows later I’m ready to compete at the national level. This is a way of life and I’m thankful for everyone who has had my back along the way.