Nick GerisTeam T-Rex Coach
    Location Woodstock, Ontario
    Age 30
    Birthdate February 24
    Fav food Pizza
    Fav Supp Prime Nutrition Intra-MD
    Recent Contest History UFE Showdown 2010 – First place middleweight UFE Nationals 2010 – Third place overall (PRO-qualifier) UFE Showdown 2011 – Third place overall UFE North Americans 2011 – Fourth place UFE North Americans 2012 – Fourth place Musclemania WORLD 2012 – Third place Light Heavyweight UFE North Americans 2013 – Sixth place

    “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” – Anonymous

    Coach Bio

    Nick’s journey into health and fitness began at a young age, fostered by superstars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Nick’s interest in bodybuilding started young, and he began sculpting his physique as soon as he had access to the high school weight room. From bodybuilding magazines such as MuscleMag and Muscular Development, Nick always hungered for more knowledge about health and fitness. Nick was always up for trying the numerous routines featured inside the articles and excited to learn about different training methods and techniques. With a drive to continue progressing, Nick hired a coach and began to see his lifestyle evolve into fulfilling his dream of one day competing as a bodybuilder. He competing in his first show in 2010. He acquired his pro status with a natural organization in only his second show, and continued to compete at a high level after that.

    Through hard work and perseverance, he has also been honoured with being featured in magazines such as Inside Fitness Magazine, and Muscle Insider, in numerous advertisements and training articles. He has also had sponsorship opportunities with Gym Star Apparel Canada, Revolution Nutrition, and Peak Performance (BPI / Dymatize).

    The journey in health in fitness has improved Nick’s life in every aspect. With a thirst for knowledge, Nick decided to acquire a certification as a Precision Nutrition level one coach to help others discover their own strengths and learn about living a healthy lifestyle. Having worked with such coaches as John Meadows, Matt Porter and Layne Norton, Nick has had a large range of experience from some of the most highly regarded coaches in the industry. He enjoys working with a wide range of clients, from lifestyle transformations to contest preparation. Nick is passionate about continual progress not only physically but mentally as well; he hopes his clients can not only achieve numerous successes in their goals but also learn through the process.