Jade AtkinsonTeam T-Rex Coach and Athlete
    Location London, Ontario
    Age 28
    Birthdate July 15, 1987
    Fav food Clean — Breakfast (Eggs, oats and turkey bacon)
    Dirty – BIG FAT JUICY Burger… and Fries of course J
    Fav Supp Peak ATP & Clear Muscle
    Recent Contest History 2012 GNC Live Well KW Oktoberfest Classic – Overall winner & 1st Place
    2012 GNC Live Well London Championships – 3rd Place
    2013 GNC Live Well Super Pro Show Provincial Championships – 2nd Place
    2013 GNC Live Well Ontario Natural Provincial Championships – 3rd Place
    2014 CBBF Bikini, Figure, Fitness & Physique Championships – 6th Place
    2014 IFBB World Qualifier – 5th Place
    2014 Arnold Amateur – Top 20 (18th place)
    2015 IFBB World Qualifier – 2nd Place
    2015 IFBB World Championships, Team Canada

    Be one of a kind, and HUSTLE

    Athlete Bio

    Born and raised in a small town, Jade grew up with a unique combination of interest Cars and sports. Growing up as a competitive athlete figure skating, boxing, fastball, and drag racing, she’s always had an appreciation for an active lifestyle. After gaining 20 lbs during university, Jade wanted to change this. She shifted her focus from nightlife to sports and nutrition. Jade began to educate herself on what healthy actually looks like, and learned to fuel her body instead of starving it. After this, she was looking for more. She was approached by local competitors and introduced to the bodybuilding, and fitness world. In 2012, she took her love for health living and training to the next level, and entered into her first bikini competition, where she took home the overall bikini title. After that, it was game on for Jade. She became addicted to this lifestyle, because that’s exactly what it is, a lifestyle that she lives 365 days a year, not just while prepping. Jade thrives on challenge, and especially on change. To her, competing is a passion that’s about transforming yourself both mentally, and physically, into your own, personal masterpiece! Jade competes at both the National and International level working towards her IFBB Pro Card.