Gigi AmuraoTeam T-Rex Coach
    Location NY/NJ/LA
    Birthdate April 23
    Fav food chicken fingers & donuts
    Fav Supp Finaflex STIMULI pre workout
    Recent Contest History IFBB Professional League: (Oct ’12 – Present)
    2016 IFBB South Carolina Grand Prix- 14th
    2016 IFBB Toronto pro – 7th
    2016 IFBB Optimum classic 5th
    2015-IFBB Puerto Rico pro- 11th
    2014 IFBB Tampa Pro – 7th
    2014 IFBB Toronto Pro- 14th
    2014 IFBB Battle on Beach – 7th
    2013 IFBB Ft. Lauderdale Cup -2nd
    2013 BIKINI OLMPIA- 12th
    2013 IFBB Valenti Cup- 3rd
    2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro- 5th
    2013 IFBB Toronto Pro – 3rd
    2013 IFBB New York Pro – 8th
    2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro – 10th
    2013 IFBB Battle on the Beach – 4th
    2012 Pro World Championships – 7th
    2012 IFBB Iowa Pro – 5th
    2012 IFBB Pro Fort Lauderdale Cup- 3rd (pro debut)
    NPC Division: (June ’12 – Aug ’12)

    2012 IFBB North American National Pro Qualifier- Class B Bikini 1st** EARNED PRO STATUS

    2012 NPC USA National Pro Qualifier- Class C Bikini 4th
    2012 Team Universe National Pro-Qualifier – Class C Bikini 3rd

    2012 NPC Hudson Valley – Class A Short 1st & Overall Winner
    2012 NPC Long Island – Class A Short 1st & Overall winner
    2012 Atlantic States Championship – Class C Bikini 8th

    It Is Better To Burn Out Then To Fade Away

    Athlete Bio

    Gigi Amurao blasted into the bikini scene in June of 2012 and just a couple months later, the New York native earned her pro card at the North American Championships in August of that same year, and with her hard work and determination qualified at the 2013 Olympia as a first year Pro.

    Gigi knows the fitness lifestyle from both sides of the stage lights—as an IFBB bikini pro, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, online coach, NPC Judge and fitness model whose clients range from beginners, business professionals and stay-at-home parents to competitive athletes on all levels.

    A committed lifelong athlete herself, having played sports all her life coupled with a passion for helping others and an understanding of what it takes to achieve ones’ fitness goals is what motivates her. She believes that with the right guidance and tools you can accomplish anything and she looks forward to seeing her clients progress with every step of the way.

    With an dual MBA in Marketing/Sports and Entertainment Management; Gigi’s knowledge spans beyond the fitness industry having held a prior career in network advertising and as a freelance TV host for the last ten years. In addition she has been featured in several online and print magazines – Inside Fitness, Muscle& Fitness hers , Flex Asia and NPC Newsonline just to name a few, and to add to her growing resume she is also a contributing writer for InsideFitness magazine, M&F hers, Muscleinsider and