Attila GombosTeam T-Rex Coach
    Location Great Toronto Area/Hamilton
    Age 30
    Birthdate Dec 27, 1984
    Fav food Badass Hamburgers
    Fav Supp Isolate Proteins
    Recent Contest History June 2015 – Opa Ontario Championship MW Dnp November 2014 – Inside Fitness Championship MW 2nd April 2013 – Stratford Championship MW 5th June 2012 – Opa Ontario Championship LMW Dnp November 2011 – London Championship LMW 3rd April 2011 – Stratford Championship LMW 3rd

    It Is Better To Burn Out Then To Fade Away

    Coach Bio

    Even as a coach, Attila is still coached himself.  Under close supervision of Team Trex Head Coach Adam Headland, Attila understands the need of a coach for ALL shapes and sizes.  A coach isn’t just someone who writes a diet and workout routine and calls it a day.  A coach is a friend, and a family member thats around 24/7 because you will confine in them about all your secrets even your blood relatives may not know.  They need to know all details because even the smallest of stressors may cause a fall in ones training.  Attila is that guy.  He’s been through hell and back all through his life and he has many experiences that a lot can of people can relate to. He’s not just a coach, but your best friend.  But when it comes down to the wire there’s no playing around and he does not like to hear negative words like no or cant.  You can and you will.  No excuses.