Amanda KeaysTeam T-Rex Coach
    • Team T-Rex Transformation Coach
    • Magnum Nutraceuticals Sponsored Athlete
    • OPA Bikini Athlete
    • Fitness Model
    Location Great Toronto Area/Hamilton
    Age 30
    Birthdate Dec 27, 1984
    Fav food Badass Hamburgers
    Fav Supp Isolate Proteins
    Recent Contest History June 2015 – Opa Ontario Championship MW Dnp November 2014 – Inside Fitness Championship MW 2nd April 2013 – Stratford Championship MW 5th June 2012 – Opa Ontario Championship LMW Dnp November 2011 – London Championship LMW 3rd April 2011 – Stratford Championship LMW 3rd

    It Is Better To Burn Out Then To Fade Away

    Coach Bio

    After Amanda’s own personal transformation from 180lbs to a successful Bikini Competitor, she had an overwhelming response from friends, family and strangers. She had inspired others through her own personal journey. It all began in 2006 after her struggle with fast-food and emotional eating escalated without her even comprehending what it had done to her body. The moment everything changed was during a Doctor’s appointment in which she heard the words “Amanda you are 180lbs and overweight.” From that day forward she taught herself how to eat healthier, incorporate physical activity into her lifestyle and when the weight fell off it became an addiction to see results.

    Amanda recognizes that many people are currently on the same path she was and has dedicated herself to inspiring and motivating others to overcome adversity, reach optimal health and a state of overall personal fulfillment. Numerous people lose the weight temporarily and gain it back because what many don’t understand is you’re your personal transformation isn’t just what you do in the gym; it’s a lifestyle that extends across multiple facets of your daily routine. She will encourage you, challenge you and hold you accountable because she is passionate about helping you reach your true potential in life. Amanda will teach you how to get creative in the kitchen with healthy alternatives to your favourite guilty pleasures! She believes in achieving a lean, healthy and strong body without starving yourself or quick fix fad diets. Forget all the reasons why you can’t do it and find one reason why you can! A transformation is more than just weightloss; it’s a journey of the mind, body and soul.