Online Training vs. One-on-One – Which is Right for You?

Sometimes the brightest minds aren’t local to you. Depending on where you live, you may not have access to some of the industry’s most reputable trainers and coaches. At the end of the day, you could very likely end up getting better results from a highly qualified online coach vs. a weekend workshop local trainer.

What’s your training experience. If you have one year or less training experience, online coaching may not be right for you because you won’t be getting the results expected, if you haven’t mastered the fundamentals of training. It can be much more efficient to have a one-on-one coach when you’re relatively new to the game.

Accountability. Many people know their way around the gym, have a few years training experience on their belt and really just need to be held accountable by a coach that cares and has vested interest in their goal. If that’s you, then online training will work just fine, possibly even better, because the hours are more flexible for you to do things like online check-ins and calls with your coach.

Intensity. How hard do you push yourself in the gym? Are you in beast mode every time you walk through those doors, requiring very little external motivation….or does having someone push you, shout a little and encourage you help to get your best workouts in. Be honest with yourself and if you feel you get more out of your workouts when being pushed, then one-on-one training is the more logical solution. There’s no secret or quick fix to replace raw intensity and hard work in the gym.

Mix it up. Have you been training for years and are looking to test out a new, alternative way to train and diet, that could have a rewarding return on your goal physique? Step outside your local circle and investigate a few well-known online coaches to see if anyone has something different, something new that you haven’t necessarily tried before. Sometimes the best program is the one you’re not currently on.

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