Fruit and Contest Prep

Consuming fruit during your prep should be the exception, not the rule. Because fructose has a natural preference to restore liver glycogen before it can contribute to muscle glycogen, we use it in moderation, sparingly throughout the prep. Restoring liver glycogen is not a bad thing. It can be difficult to top off muscle glycogen if liver glycogen needs are not met. However, overconsumption of fruit can lead to liver dysfunction which can negatively affect blood sugar regulation and other processes related to your carbohydrate tolerance factor.

Consuming primary complex carbs and higher glycemic, short chain glucose polymers will work to restore both muscle and liver glycogen in a more suitable balance, where fruit will generally be targeted more towards the liver. Remember, in a bodybuilding competition, our muscles are being judged for hardness and fullness…not our liver.

Adding a serving of fruit with breakfast or the post-workout meal can be done occasionally (2-3 x per week) if the client is not having any difficulty dropping fat. Any fruit is fine, higher glycemic options such as banana, pineapple and other tropical fruits would be better suited for post-weights and lower glycemic options such as berries and grapefruit would be better for breakfast. If any issues persist with achieving the goal conditioning, fruit is one of the first items to be removed from the diet permanently.

Coach Sean

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